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Zero by 30: Prevention of human deaths from dog-transmitted rabies by 2030

Zero by 30: Eradicating Rabies, Saving Lives


Rabies is a deadly disease that takes the lives of 59,000 people every year. 40% of these victims are innocent children in Africa and Asia. This preventable disease has caused immeasurable pain and suffering, and it's time for us to take action.

Together, we can eliminate rabies by 2030 through the power of education and vaccination.

🐕 Dog bites are the cause of almost all human cases of rabies. But by vaccinating dogs, we can protect both them and our communities.

💉 Just one shot can save a life and prevent the spread of this disease. That's why we need your help to vaccinate as many dogs as possible and educate communities about the importance of preventing rabies.


Vaccination is the key to unlocking a future free from the threat of rabies.

By supporting our efforts, you will be a part of a global movement to eradicate this disease and save countless lives. You can make a difference with even the smallest donation.


Every penny counts in the fight against rabies.

We need your help to bring an end to this deadly disease and create a brighter future for generations to come. Join us in the fight against rabies by making a donation today.

Your donation to Action for Protection of Animals Africa will go directly towards vaccination and community sensitisation efforts, giving us the resources we need to create a rabies-free world.


Don't wait, act now! Your donation could save a life today.

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