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A Tale of Loyalty: The Life-Changing Benefits of Being a Dog Owner.

In Kajiado County, in the small village of Matasia, lives Samuel. He is the proud owner of 13 canines, and out of the 13 dogs, Max, a lovable golden retriever who enjoys fetch, and Luna, a devoted German shepherd who is constantly on guard, are Samuel's two favorites. The two were the first dogs he ever owned as he began his road to becoming an enthusiastic and responsible dog owner, therefore he attributes this devotion to them. Samuel lives with his wife and three kids, who sporadically assist him in caring for his dogs. For Samuel, these dogs are not just pets, but they are part of his family. While the benefits of owning a dog are numerous, Samuel's story highlights just a few of them.

Samuel’s dogs offer a sense of comfort and company that is difficult to replace. He feels happy and excited each morning as he awakens to the sound of barking and wagging tails because he has these cuddly friends to keep him company. “Owning a dog can provide much-needed human-like companionship and a feeling of purpose in a world where people are becoming increasingly isolated.” Says Samuel.

As it is their routine, Samuel’s dogs are always eager to go for walks, runs, and play and as a result, he is more active. He leads them on lengthy hikes in the adjacent hills, which not only helps him stay physically fit but also helps him unwind mentally.

His dogs have also proven to be excellent stress relievers as he spends time with them when he is feeling upset or anxious, which helps to calm him down. Samuel highlights that his dogs also provide a feeling of purpose and duty, which can be especially helpful when his family is away.

Additionally, his dogs have demonstrated to be superior watchdogs. Although Matasia is a peaceful village, criminal activity can nonetheless occur there just like anywhere else. He feels safer since his dogs are constantly on high alert and growl at any unusual behavior. When his dogs bark, they warn him of danger and this discourages burglars and other unpleasant behavior in addition to giving him a sense of security.

While dogs require constant care, including feeding, walking, grooming, and attention, Samuel always does this right, and as a result, he has gained a lot of insight into the value of responsibility when caring for his pets and has established a rigid schedule that keeps him organized and disciplined. His personal connections and professional life have both benefited from this practice.

Samuel has developed a sense of community because of his dogs; the social contacts he has had while walking his dogs have made it easier for him to make new friends and lasting connections. It's not unusual to see dog owners discussing and sharing dog care tips because they frequently establish a close-knit group. His general quality of life has improved making him feel more like a part of this community.

The benefits of dog ownership are numerous, and Samuel's narrative just emphasizes a few of them. Companionship, improved routines, discipline, increased safety, and a sense of community can all be derived from owning a dog. Dogs are affectionate, devoted, and eager to please animals that, for many people, are more than just household pets; they are members of the family. Always pick a breed of dog that suits your lifestyle and personality if you're thinking about obtaining one.

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