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Support Animals in Disaster

In times of disaster, animals are affected too. From drought to wildfires and floods to hurricanes and earthquakes, these natural calamities can cause significant harm to countless animals, leaving them vulnerable and without the care they desperately require. They may also often become overlooked in times of these crises. With your generous donation, we can make a lasting difference by providing essential resources and assistance to protect animals in disasters and help rebuild the lives of both animals and the communities they serve. Join us in creating a safer and more resilient future for all.

Protect Animals in Disaster

Donate today to protect animals in disasters and help safeguard the lives and livelihoods of millions of people worldwide. Your support will enable us to work closely with governments and communities, ensuring that animals are included in disaster preparedness plans, and helping communities rebuild their lives. Together, we can create a resilient future for both animals and people.


Animals are not just companions; they are vital to the survival and resilience of communities affected by disasters. Your generous contribution can help us prepare communities and governments to effectively respond to emergencies, ensuring the protection of animals and their critical role in sustaining lives. Together, let's make a difference by supporting our work to create disaster-ready communities that prioritize the well-being of both animals and people.


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